Qualis Employee Receives Silver Snoopy Award


Qualis Employee Receives Silver Snoopy Award

Francis Rawls, III received a Silver Snoopy award for his contributions to the Space Program. The “Silver Snoopy” award originated in 1968 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the success of manned space flight missions. It is presented to individuals whose job performance is oriented to flight safety or mission success, and whose efforts are of such an outstanding nature as to distinguish them in their particular areresponsibility.

According to NASA, employees to be considered for a Silver Snoopy award are those who have satisfied one or more of the following criteria:

  • Significantly contributed beyond their normal work requirements to the development and implementation of human spaceflight programs while ensuring quality and safety.
  • Accomplished single specific achievements that have had significant impact on attainment of a particular human spaceflight program goal while ensuring quality and safety.
  • Contributed to a major cost saving or a series of lesser cost savings pertaining directly to human spaceflight programs.
  • Has been instrumental in developing modifications to human spaceflight mission hardware, software, or materials that increase reliability, efficiency, or performance.
  • Assisted in operational improvements that increase efficiency or performance.
  • Has been a key player in developing a beneficial process improvement of significant magnitude.
  • Contributed significantly beyond fundamental task accountabilities in support of the NASA programs.
  • Sustained quality performance over an extended period of time in support of human spaceflight programs. Please indicate length of service.