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President’s Message

Qualis Sustaining and Preparing for Growth

I am happy to report—thanks in large part to you—Qualis Corporation continues to grow!

The fact that we have added over 60 new employees to the company this year can be attributed to the great work all of you do supporting our customer every day. Also, you, our workforce, are our best recruiters! Many of you have made a few extra bucks each year by referring a friend or acquaintance, to help us grow. Thanks so much!

The Air Force remains our top customer comprising more than half of our work, with NASA, the Army and MDA following. We have multiple contracts with the Air Force and they have been a mainstay with Qualis for years. Our NASA, Army and MDA work has grown steadily as well. With so many MDA and Army opportunities right here in our own back yard, we expect that trend to accelerate in 2018 and 2019.

Qualis is positioning ourselves well for this anticipated growth by upgrading our accounting systems, recruiting systems and management information systems while at the same time strengthening our already strong cybersecurity.

As summer ends, and our children and grandchildren head back to school, I want to wish all of you a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend. Keep cool, and for you football fans, I hope your team gets off to a great start!

As always, thank you again for all you do for our customers, community, country, and Qualis Corporation.

Rod Duke, President