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CONGRATULATIONS to the following PRIDE Award Recipients!

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November 2, 2021

Melia Parker (Corporate)

Melia has played an instrumental role in establishing charge codes for our TMAS contract, insuring that those contract employees are able to record their time daily. Not only is the daily recording of time a policy, but this contract requires that we report those hours to our customer daily, so it is doubly crucial that time be reported daily and accurately. The contract that just ended had 3,350 chargeable codes over the life of the contract! The process is rigorous, and involves coordination with the employee, the team leads, and the customer and often the lead time is zero. Qualis was fortunate to be on the winning team for the follow-up contract. However, the now two task orders instead of the original one required a structure review and a mapping of each and every employee. Melia worked days, nights, and weekends to ensure the smoothest transition as possible for the employees on this contract, and to help Qualis meet the daily reporting requirement. I commend her for relentless efforts in coordinating with the Qualis team, including the employees, team leads, Program Manager, and the Customer in this monumental task! Well done, Melia! –  Nominated by Patti Baker

Ernie Martinez (TMAS)

Ernie Martinez has gone above and beyond what his position description calls for, in addition to a first rate scheduler, Ernie has been called upon to take, review and edit meeting minutes, run briefing slides, edit briefings, research requirement and all round go to person for just about anything I need. he has never questioned anything I have asked him to do. He has the foresight to question the engineers when something isn’t just right The GRE program manger routinely requests Ernie to be part of short suspense requirements and he always comes thru. Job well done Ernie! –  Nominated by Darrell Decker

Helen Foor (GTRI)

Helen received special recognition from the Pacific Air Force command Chief Range LVC (Live, Virtual, and Constructive) Program Manager. “Helen has become the most valuable Action Officer within A317, providing both engineering/management support as well has ensuring exercises are fully supported with operational systems. Without her contribution, A317 would not be able to fully support the warfighter within the PACAF AOR Again, A317 could not support our mission without Helen support.” Helen was an essential part to the coordination between PACAF/A375, PACAF/A373, PAXAC/A6, and PACAF/A8 to develop a 5th Gen Integration Roadmap for joint and A&P exercise requirements. Organized and lead the JPARC (Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex) Configuration Control Board and collaborated working group, ensuring program success in the present and future. Provided physical and knowledge base support during the technical refresh to the JPARC networks in Alaska, able to complete a major hardware and software upgrade within a short time period without interfering with mission essential support. –  Nominated by Lee Heineken

Brenda Royal (GTRI)

The Pacific Air Force command Chief Range LVC (Live, Virtual, and Constructive) Program Manager sent an exceptional appreciation for Brenda Royals accomplishments in the last couple of months. “Brenda is recognized throughout the AF Combat Training Range community as the ‘go to’ expert for maintaining accreditation across multiple platforms and provides added support as requested. Without her support, A317 would not be able to fully support the warfighter within the PACAF AOR Again, without her support A317 could not support our mission.” Qualis Director of Business Development utilizes her knowledge and skills to help gather proper information for upcoming proposal. Long hours researching and collecting the vital specifications to create additional resource and network for the program. The program customer has been requesting this resource for many years and she was able to provide them with the required items to meet their demands. Provided War Room accreditation personnel with security advice and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) benefiting the Pacific Alaska Air Force’s (PACAF’s) future installation of War Room software. Provided knowledge base support during the technical refresh to the JPARC networks in Alaska, able to complete a major hardware and software upgrade within a short time period without interfering with mission essential support. –  Nominated by Lee Heineken

October 19, 2021

Jordan Green (ESSCA)

For development of an innovation proposal for Metal Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printing vs. Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) Additive Manufacturing (AM). The proposal was selected for funding as a part of the ESSCA seventh cycle of TIPI Innovation Grants.  –  Submitted by James Bruce

Lisa Towers (ESSCA)

Lisa received an Extra Miler award for comments from her NASA customer. Lisa was recognized for her “hard work during the Integrated Avionics Test Facility Tools Testing, she did a great job with STAC 1.2.0 testing and helping put together all the procedures on this”.  –  Submitted by James Bruce

Chuck Goble & Wesley Weirich (Corporate)

Chuck Goble and Wes Weirich developed a lab demonstration for key congressional members who fund the ALT PNT program. In only a week’s time, Chuck and Wes developed the demonstration concept, presentation material, procured materials for the demonstration, and developed tested and validated their demonstration. This required excellent technical capabilities to learn how to operate the equipment procured and implement the algorithms that demonstrated the overall ALT PNT approach. Upon completion of the demonstration to the members of Congress, they were pleased with the prospects of the program and confirmed the second round of funding to be provided. Chuck and Wes demonstrated innovation and perseverance which is directly helping the program and Qualis grow. Way to go guys!  –  Submitted by Tim Pitchko

Ellen Vought (Corporate)

Qualis received the 2021 Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans (HIRE Vets) Platinum Medallion Award. This award is given for exemplary efforts in recruiting, employing, and retaining our nation’s veterans. Ellen not only plays a vital role in our recruitment program, but also in the participation of the HIRE Vets program. Thanks Ellen for always going above and beyond!  –  Submitted by Keanna Nichols

Lisa McNabb (Corporate)

A big thanks to Lisa McNabb for supporting our Space Development Agency customer, John London, with a virtual speaking engagement event with the Aerospace Company. On short notice Lisa provided needed Qualis IT and facility support to Mr. London which enable a very professional presentation to a broad group of industry and government aerospace professionals. Mr. London was extremely for Lisa’s support and personally thanked her. Again, thank you Lisa for representing Qualis so well to a very important customer. Well done. –  Submitted by Carlos Kingston

October 12, 2021

Kelley Fuqua (ESSCA)

For receiving an award from her customer at the department awards ceremony ”for outstanding service and vision through implementation of digital transformation to maintain a seamless completion of deliverables in support of NASA’s mission.” Kelley has continued to receive great praise for going above and beyond in her work in support of the ESSCA contract. –  Submitted by James Bruce

Lem Vaughn (RCCTO)

Congratulations to Lem Vaughn for receiving the following note from Army LTG Neil Thurgood. Lem received kudos from one of our customers saying, ”Lem, Just a note to say- “super job” on the cost meeting. Great progress and appreciate you efforts. From our domain, the RCCTO family, you are doing great!!” A big thanks to Lem for representing Qualis so well. –  Submitted by Carlos Kingston

Jennifer Manville (RCCTO)

Congratulations to Jennifer Manville for receiving the following note from our customer Lejeania Wood in the Army RCCTP Business Office. Jennifer received kudos from one of our customers saying, “I would like to give a shout out to Jennifer for her efforts regarding our tasker on RCCTO combined support agreements (where applicable). She has taken the lead and has been helpful to the other teams as we struggle and move forward. DEPO lost our support agreement lead and we are struggling. We really appreciate Jennifer’s help.” Thank you Jennifer for representing Qualis so well. –  Submitted by Carlos Kingston

September 15, 2021

Nan Sullivan, Pam Cooper, and Rachel Cutter (Corporate Office)

Every 3 years our ISO certifications come up for renewal and it is a big deal. The recertification’s are a “full blown” audit.

Nan, Pam, and Rachel really stepped up and did a fantastic job on the ISO 14001:2015 recertification audit that occurred this week. They all did a great job filling in without hesitation when needed. Their efforts resulted in a successful audit. Way to go Nan, Pam and Rachel for always going above and beyond to make sure the job gets done successfully. – Submitted by Rod Duke

Donald (Bo) Vannatter (TMAS)

Just wanted to drop a note to provide our appreciation for the recent work of Bo for RANSS, especially for RNRE. In general Bo has been a tremendous asset for our unique organization. Since we have several different projects that require both specialized hardware and software, we often have complex workstation requirements that Bo has been effective in tracking and being very responsive to meet mission development needs. Additionally, we have centralized enclave for our various software licenses, configuration management server, and general storage which has been a challenge with aging hardware. Bo has been effective in sustaining this legacy hardware and transitioning it to newer hardware while ensuring our engineers do not lose productivity due to downtime of the infrastructure. Bo has also provided tremendous help in taking over the tracking and management of software licenses as a recent retirement has created a gap. In terms of cybersecurity, Bo has really provided a key capability in ensuring our packages have remained compliant and authorized to ensure we stay legal with the latest guidance from A6. Through Bo’s diligence, we have a baseline package for pod instrumentation that has been able to add the capability of the legacy Joint Range Instrumentation Pod (JRIP) as well as the new configuration of this pod for an external customer. Additionally, Bo has been a key player in the creation/submission of a new package to allow for processing of classified data in support of instrumentation development and validation based on mission requirements. This will be a key asset for RNRE. Overall, Bo is great part of the RNRE team and we greatly appreciate his efforts and enthusiasm for our mission. Please convey our great appreciation for his work. – Submitted by Robert Richardson

Michael Nehring

Kudos for great communication of the status of the new 4X Amplifier boards for SITFQ. There was some question as if they would be ready in time to be installed during this short integration period we have with the lab, and Michael did a great job keeping managers in the loop as to the status. It helped in keeping the technician support, and taking in the schedule. – Submitted by James Bruce

September 8, 2021

Jason Mann

Jason Mann supports our Force Protection System contract at the Redstone Arsenal, AL. The Program Officer for Integrated Ground Security, Surveillance and Response Capability (IGSSR-C) recognized Jason for his excellent performance by stating: “ FPS would like to recognize Jason Mann for his outstanding support to PM FPS on the Patricio contract. Jason serves as the Developmental/Operational Test Engineer for PM FPS at Redstone Arsenal. He was instrumental in ensuring the Integrated Ground Security, Surveillance and Response Capability (IGSSR-C) program completed Developmental Testing and Operational Assessment. Jason worked tirelessly to move the IGSSR-C program through test and evaluation despite numerous challenges. In the early stages of the program, Jason faced daily challenges to keep the system running. Jason expertly conducted troubleshooting, coordinated with the developer, and provided daily situational reports. He was key in setting up the IGSSR-C test bench and collaborating to connect with other program sensor equipment. Without his support, the IGSSR-C program would have continued to falter and may not have started testing with Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC). Throughout testing, Jason consistently juggled conducting system demonstrations, performing system updates, generating test incident reports, and coordinating with ATEC all while keeping PM FPS apprised of the system status, answering data calls, and facing redirection from the Assistant Product Manager. Jason performed all of these activities in an effective and efficient manner. As a result of his efforts, Jason helped the developer overcome several system shortfalls identified in test (latency, command and control limitations, cross domain capability, interoperability, load balancing, and stability), which changed the system’s ATEC evaluation from a dire “Not Effective” to “Effective”. Jason demonstrated personal sacrifice during the COVID pandemic to ensure continuity of operations and successful development/testing. Throughout the COVID shutdown and maximization of telework, Jason did not telework, worked late hours at the 3100 area, and delayed personal leave to accommodate the aggressive IGSSR-C schedule. IGSSR-C program owes much a great deal of appreciation to Jason for his efforts and professional leadership.” – Submitted by Marc Peterson

Deborah Lang

Deb Lang supports our work at PM UAS at the Redstone Arsenal, AL. A fellow contractor from another company was struggling with his task. Deb eagerly helped him along to project completion. The co-worker stated: “I felt compelled to drop you this line of thanks for your knowledge, patience, and limitless effort that pulled me over the hump to project completion. It was on your part a classic demonstration of pure TEAM Work that taught me how to fish instead of feeding me one! Way to go Deb, and you bring great credit to yourself and to Qualis! – Submitted by Marc Peterson

Pam Cooper

Pam provided service over and above expectations to support both the Qualis and subcontractor employees establishing the necessary security clearances and paperwork for the start of the recently awarded JFCC IMD support contract. This included coordination, approval and entry of the necessary DD254 security forms for Qualis and our subcontractors Quantum and Bowhead into the complex Army Centralized Contractor System. When this paperwork was finally approved by the government, she initiated same-day after hours Visitor Access Requests for Qualis employees on three different occasions to facilitate short-notice Special Compartmented Information indoctrinations of 10 Qualis employees greatly enhancing the utility of our Team Qualis members to the government. These singular actions have enabled our 23 Team Qualis employees to participate fully in all command taskings and activities. This is especially important as it significantly enhances the breadth and depth of support to the command as the in-office military and government civilian workforce is constrained by newly enacted COVID restrictions. – Submitted by Tom Hancock

Scott Allison

Scott supports many parts of the GPS enterprise, one of which is the Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE). Recently, while Marine Corp Joint Light tactical Vehicle (JLTV) testing was underway at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) many things went wrong. Consequently, many last minute Signal in Space (SIS) adjustments had to be coordinated with the Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) and the 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2SOPS). Scott repeatedly stepped up and made sure the integral players in the test made adjustments to SIS effects allowing testing to continue in order to make the most of the allowable test windows available. – Submitted by Marc Peterson

August 31, 2021

Chris Benson

Chris supports ECLSS Integration and Development at MSFC. His support of the team was recognized by his customer and impressed center management. Customer Comment: I just shared with Jody and the rest of the DA01 leadership team, our ECLSS quarterly strategic report. The Center leadership was extremely impressed with all that you have accomplished and the bright future we have for ECLSS work! As we deliver on the tech demos that have consumed many hours (and keep delivering spares), we are actively working to meet the needs of the Agency and industry for future ECLSS systems and continued advancement of technologies. I want to thank each of you for all that you do to deliver on our existing commitments, because past performance is the foundation for future work, and your help in formulating future successes! – Submitted by James Bruce

Jarrod Welsh, Brian Smith, Jon Garner, Pat Bowman, Damian Plecash, Steve Hallenbeck, and Scott Krick

The team successfully supported and completed the Red Flag exercise FY21 season, each one of them went above and beyond the call of duty. Dedicated their time and resources to ensure each exercise was successful. Each team member achieved high standards when presented with unique challenges, that they rose above the challenge is an understatement. The teams unwillingness to fail, desire to persist, all the while maintaining a positive attitude expresses our company’s culture of Excellence. As a team lead, each one of these team members have exceeded my expectations and I’m grateful to have the honor to serve and support each one of them. Thank you all for the outstanding work you have done this past year, it doesn’t go unrecognized, and I know that our future endeavors will take us all to the next level.

Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)! – Submitted by Lee Heineken

Frank “Cam” Kitts

Cam Kitts supports our Force Protection System contract at the Redstone Arsenal. His support is so, valued the government lead provided the following statement: “Frank “Cam” Kitts for outstanding performance and significant contributions to the SSS program. Recommends maximum/highest award your company can grant an employee for superior performance. Cam Kitts whom serves as the Developmental/Operational Test (DT/OT) Engineer for PM FPS, to include quick reaction capability (QRC) and Program of Record (POR) product portfolios, was absolutely critical in the SSS program’s achievement of its Milestone C decision on 4 August 2021. Security Surveillance System (SSS) is a key perimeter security system and force protection multiplier for the U.S. Army. SSS is an Acquisition Category (ACAT) IV system within PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors (IEW&S). During the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, Cam has demonstrated personal sacrifice to ensure the continuity of operations and successful development/testing of the SSS program. Cam did not telework during any of the Covid-19 pandemic. He reported to work at both his duty station and various CONUS test sites to ensure that the SSS program progressed to meet all required testing and programmatic milestones. This included working extra hours and moving personal leave dates to accommodate the rigors and deadlines of the test schedule. From April 2020 to July 2021, Cam has successfully led and executed the form, fit, function of SSS shipping packaging, DT testing, E3 testing, Operational Assessment (OA) testing, Regression testing, Reliability Data collection, and the Cooperative Vulnerability Penetration Assessment (CVPA). In addition to test engineering duties, Cam also developed the SSS Technical Manual (TM) and SSS Training Support Package (TSP) in support of the program’s OA and Logistics Demonstration. He traveled to Ft Leonard Wood, MO to execute the SSS OA test event. While at Fort Leonard Wood, Cam also conducted the instruction and training of Soldiers utilized during the OA. Lastly, in addition to test engineering duties, Cam successfully led and executed a re-design of a major SSS sub-system to improve and stabilize the SSS’s performance and operational suitability. This re-design led to a successful SSS Follow-on OA (FOA); which resulted in the program achieving a 2 Milestone C decision point and entering the Production and Deployment (P&D) phase of its acquisition lifecycle. The actions of Mr. Cam Kitts from April 2020 to July 2021 have been essential to the survival of the SSS program. I can say, without a doubt, that Mr. Cam Kitts’ hard work

and dedication to the mission were integral in the SSS program reaching the production phase by the end of this fiscal year.” Thank you Cam for your continued professionalism and dedication. You and your team perform magnificently and represent the Qualis Brand perfectly with your “Can-do” attitude and capabilities. – Submitted by Marc Peterson

August 20, 2021

Mary Jane Smith

Mary Jane Smith, better known to us as MJ supports the Specialized Warfighter Development Contract (SWDC) in the Missile Defense Agency’s prestigious Threat Modeling Center at Schriever Space Force Base Colorado. The Northrop Grumman Task lead recently stated, “Mary Jane Smith: As always one of our top performers, always willing to put in the extra work to get products completed. MJ volunteers to do all the extra things that need to be done in the TMC along with doing her day-to-day job. She has put in extra hours working on [Ballistic Missile Defense System Ground Test Integration] GTI-09 Sprint 1 to do everything possible to get the documentation completed to meet our delivery timeline. The Product Line Lead would like to express his appreciation for MJ’s contribution to helping accomplish our first 40 day turn CONOPS in support of the GTI-09 Sprint 1 effort. Her strong attitude and dedication to the mission was outstanding. Thank you, MJ.” Fantastic accolades from our Prime Contractor MJ!  – Submitted by Marc Peterson

Dan Collins 

Dan Collins supports the Specialized Warfighting Development Contract in the Missile Defense Agency’s prestigious Threat Modeling Center at Schriever Space Force Base Colorado. The Northrop Grumman Task Lead recently stated, “Dan is always ensuring we are delivering our products out the door on time. He interfaces with our Government and external customers on a daily basis to ensure we have all the paperwork needed to deliver the Integrated Threat Packages and TGx. Dan is a critical asset to the TMC. We know without doubt that when something is handed over to Dan for delivery, it will occur without error. That is very important.” Thank you Dan for your consistent professionalism and reliable products!  – Submitted by Marc Peterson

Isaac Root 

Isaac Root supports the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) prestigious Threat Modeling Center (TMS) located at Schriever Space Force Station, Colorado. The Northrop Grumman Task Lead recently stated, “Isaac is critical asset for Ground Test support of IR signatures, including meeting the compressed delivery timeline for (Ground Test Integrated) GTI-09 Sprint 1 IRHB data production. Isaac’s automation of much of the IRHB data process has vastly improved the time to create the data, as well as made more efficient use of the TMC hardware infrastructure and available servers. Additionally, Isaac has served as a mentor/trainer within the signatures group for IRHB in working directly with Alex Caudill, who was also a large contributor in the success of the recent GT effort in part due to Isaac’s SME knowledge. Our IR Signature team shrank slightly at the beginning of Option Year 1, so Isaac’s contribution and technical expertise are more important than ever.” Thank you Isaac for becoming one of the premier Infrared Signature modelers for the MDA! Great work!!  – Submitted by Marc Peterson

Jerry Estal 

Jerry Estal supports the Specialized Warfighter Development Contract at the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) prestigious Threat Modeling Center (TMS) at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado. The Northrop Grumman Task Lead recently stated, “Jerry has been working very closely with MDA’s Data Distribution Center on improving our digital distribution process. He has reached out to them to set up special delivery areas for products and even keeps doing speed tests to test improvements in the network. Jerry does a great job in support of TMC Distribution. Thank you Jerry for your consistent quality of work and professionalism. Your dedication and skill is noticed at the highest levels. – Submitted by Marc Peterson

August 10, 2021

Max McCall 

For exceptional work on the design of swept pipes for the 4 Bed CO2 Scrubber scheduled to be delivered to the International Space Station. Comments from customer : “The swept ducts were vital. It turns out the station air pressure drop was higher than expected, so the pressure drop we saved in the ducts helped us meet our performance target.” – Submitted by James Bruce

July 20, 2021

Roger Rhodes and Zac Wible

Roger Rhodes and Zac Wible have gone above and beyond the call of duty supporting numerous proposals in recent months.  Each of these employees has demonstrated talent and drive to help us submit outstanding proposals and generate some great 2021 contract awards.  Roger and Zac regularly identify what needs to be done on their own and take action to make it happen.  Most recently, they provided proposal support for our pursuit of a critical Space Based Missile Warning (SBMW) Task Order effort for STAR Delta Det 4.  This task order RFP required a very rapid turn with only two weeks to respond and their tireless efforts enabled us to submit a strong proposal to support the SBMW enterprise by providing technical services to Det 4 through analytical, engineering, cyber and SBMW subject matter expertise (SME) in the testing and evaluation of Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS), Next-Generation (Next-Gen) Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO), Next-Gen OPIR Polar Orbit, and Next-Gen OPIR Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution (FORGE) at Peterson AFB Colorado, Buckley AFB Colorado and LA AFB California. – Submitted by Jon Cabra

Jerry Gill

Jerry Gill is our Task Lead on the AFOTEC Test Services contract focused on the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). Jerry has adeptly led us through the change from the Air Force to the first OT&E contractor on ACAT I space systems for the newly formed Space Force. Most recently, Jerry has supported the technical development of three Prime contract and one Sub contract proposals for AFOTEC since the beginning of the year. We received a short-notice request for proposal on a Space Based Missile Warning Task Order that basically gave us a week to actually perform the writing portion of the proposal. Really strong effort with a short suspense while maintaining test support for a rigorous test schedule on our nation’s most significant strategic satellite programs to include the Global Positioning System Enterprise. Thank you Jerry for your exceptional performance and for stepping up with the technical expertise to ensure Qualis growth. – Submitted by Marc Peterson, Vice President, Strategic Programs

Marilee Foreman

Qualis was recently awarded the Prime contractor support contract for the Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense. With only a two week transition period to take over running of the support contract, Marilee Foreman initiated a travel support plan to exceed the standards and support immediate travel to overseas locations. Our first traveler under the contract was David Alexander who stated, “I have been working with Linda this morning to get the final details. You guys are all GREAT. Thank you so very much!!! This has by far been the easiest (for me anyway) arrangements I have done in the last few years as a contractor travelling.” Thank you Marilee for taking the work out of travel for our team, and allowing them to focus on our customer support! – Submitted by Marc Peterson, Vice President, Strategic Programs

June 22, 2021

Doug McDaniel

Doug McDaniel hit it out of the park for our PM UAS contract support for EDGE 21. To put it into context Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise, or Edge for short, at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah is a premier concept exercise that applies space, aviation and network capabilities to show how the Army and the joint force would fight in the Indo-Pacific theater based on high-fidelity modeling the service used to show the efficacy of its capabilities in the area of operation. Thomas Watson, Intelligent Teaming Test and Demo Lead for Army Futures Command Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center stated in a memo to the RIAC Director, “Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise, or Edge for short, at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Maj. Gen. Wally Rugen, who is in charge of the future vertical lift modernization effort, said in January that the new exercise will apply space, aviation and network capabilities to show how the Army and the joint force would fight in the Indo-Pacific theater based on high-fidelity modeling the service used to show the efficacy of its capabilities in the area of operation.” As a result Doug was voted by peers as a 2nd Place Winner for top performers for this event.  –  Submitted by Marc Peterson, Vice President, Strategic Programs

Pat Bowman

Above and beyond call of duty, Pat Bowman has demonstrated his exceptional skills and talent during the Northern Edge exercise. I witnessed his dedication and hard work prior, during and after the exercise. Numerous leaders and key personnel involved in the success of the exercise have contacted me personally to inform me of Pat’s outstanding performance. All are impressed in his skills, talent and abilities; no doubt that future exercises will be successful because of him. Here is a few of his many accomplishments: Exercise Northern Edge 2021 (NE21). Completed initial preparations and coordination for Northern Edge 21 exercise to include classified and unclassified data collection requirements for specific Large Force Exercise (LFE) events/sorties. Devised methodologies to track new Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC) capabilities vs 5th Generation fighter aircraft. Expertly completed NE21 exercise comprising 20 LFE events on the JPARC and over the Gulf of Alaska (GOA). Performed tactical assessments across the battlespace to support Lessons Learned for both tactical learning (aircrew) and strategic data collection requirements. Assembled and provided Lessons Learned and Debrief Focus Points (DFPs include an analysis of Root Cause factors of mission errors as well as recommended fixes) for NE21 events. Provided end of exercise data to USAF Air Combat Command (ACC) and US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) for data analysis of jamming impacts US systems and effects on tactical execution. Collected Lessons Learned for effects of Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) to better understand future Red Flag-Alaska (RFA) impacts/plans to best utilize these capabilities. In contact with PACAF A9 Lessons Learned team to initiate preparatory discussions on how to improve/be ready for Northern Edge 2023. –  Submitted by Lee Heineken

May 18, 2021

Elena Slayer 

Elena always does a tremendous job with the invoicing of our costs to our Customers. Northrop Grumman’s processor Sandy Sutton recently acknowledged Elena’s efforts on our subcontract invoice on their contract by sending her words of appreciation and saying she would nominate Elena for a BRAVO award if Elena were a NG employee. She went on to say that Elena always gets the job done and gets it done well. –  Submitted by Patti Baker

Mike Smith 

Mike received kudos from one of our customers: “Mr. Mike Smith, plays an essential role in providing exceptional support to the Publications Division, Utility Helicopter Directorate, and our soldiers. As a Graphic Illustrator his graphics for Army Publications such as, Depot Maintenance Work Requirements (DMWR), Technical Bulletins (TB) and Maintenance Work Orders (MWO) have been truly outstanding. You can be assured that every soldier turning wrenches on a Utility Helicopter depends on Mr. Smith’s comprehensive Illustrations. Mr. Smith continually supports Multi-Year programs, Modifications, and Provisioning teams’ members with a conscientious attitude and has demonstrated outstanding teamwork in helping in the publication of DMWR 1-2835-214, DMWR 1-2835-209, and other manuals. Mr. Smith efforts are respected and has played a key role in supporting the Publications Division at Utility Helicopter Project Office.” Mike has been outstanding in his support of the UHPO Publications Division. His attention to detail and endeavor to provide the customer nothing but the highest quality of work has made him an indispensable team member to the Pubs group which clearly reveals the high quality of employee Qualis provides to its customers. –  Submitted by Wes Wallin

May 11, 2021

Marjorie Weeks and Robert Schmidt

Marjorie Weeks and Robert Schmidt support our TMAS contract at the Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility, Eglin AFB, FL and received kudos from our customers. “I wanted to express my thanks to Marjorie Weeks, and Robert Schmidt for their dedication and hard work supporting not only APPS activities but also support other GWEF test areas during a COVID-19 mass quarantine event (timeframe Mar 22 thru Apr 5th). As you know, one of our Qualis IT/IA (Information Technology/Assurance) team members tested positive for COVID-19 and was required to quarantine for 14 days. Per AF COVID-19 guidance, any person having close contact with a positive COVID-19 case for longer than 15 minutes (cumulative for a day) are required to quarantine for 14 days as a precaution to eliminate potential spread. Since the IT/IA team (including Government ISSMs) interacts closely with each other and had extensive contact with the positive COVID-19 case all Qualis IT/IA staffing and Gov. ISSMs that supported test areas (TA143, 145, 203, 234) was put in quarantine. Only Marjorie (IA), and Robert Schmidt (IT), were not required to quarantine due to their limited exposure to the positive case, leaving them as the only IT/IA support for 6 test areas and 6 tech work areas. During the COVID-19 quarantine event, Ms. Weeks, and Mr. Schmidt, without hesitation took on the responsibility of covering “ALL” needed IA/IT support activities, not only in the APPS areas but also for those test areas where IT/IA support was in quarantine. Per the Test Engineers of these areas (TA143, 145, 203, 234), Marjorie and Robert performed their IA/IT functions extremely well under extreme pressure to complete time sensitive tasks with the limited resources at her disposal. During the COVID-19 quarantine event , Ms. Weeks and Mr. Schmidt completed/performed all required weekly tasks extremely well, and within the time constraints schedule for, under the circumstances and with limited resources available to help carry the load for all additional area. During this time they continuously displayed a professional attitude and eagerness to get the job done which did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated by the test engineers she supported. Ms. Weeks and Mr. Schmidt have always shown a professionalism and calming demeanor towards IA tasking in a way she handles her work load and stress level her position levies upon her. However during this this COVID-19 quarantine event, Marjorie’s and Robert’s professionalism, dedication, and can do attitude towards supporting the GWEF under extreme circumstances is a tribute to their profession, to the GWEF, and to your company. Please pass on my, and all GWEF Test Engineers, thanks and gratitude to Marjorie for a job well done.” Join me in thanking Marjorie and Robert for adding value to the contract with their selfless devotion to the mission. Thank you both for riding for the Qualis brand with your outstanding support to our nation!   –  Submitted by Marc Peterson

Mellisa Brown 

Mellisa Brown a member of the 96 RNCS HPCE team since 2016, is a self-directed, self-motivated employee who continues to assist in streamlining processes and make things more efficient for the team and organization recently received kudos from a government customer on her performance. “I wanted to drop a line to let you know Melissa Brown is a huge contributor on the HPCE team. She has really taken ownership of the Prep-H IA package. For that package, minimal govt oversight has been needed, things are just proactively taken care of. She was also a heavy hitter on the AP virtual inspection this last week. We weathered the inspection with only a minor finding on the HPCE side. She also serves as continuity on the team since she has been one of the longest standing members on the team. I hope this adds to the content for her annual appraisal, or validates the items she may have submitted.” Job well done Mellisa, you continue to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and proving to be an effective ambassador for the Qualis Corporation.  –  Submitted by Rich Richardson, Project Leader

Phillip Black, Jason Deissner, and Jason Stone

The RNCEA infrastructure team consisting of Phillip Black, Jason Deissner and Jason Stone have completed a fully working DevSecOps immutable architecture deployment for Multi-caveat Analytic Compute Environment (MACE). This effort has been going on for six months and is a significant feat which required the team to understand advanced Linux technologies to implement. The process for deploying a MACE infrastructure is fully automated and impressive to see. The team has worked together to develop this “infrastructure as a code” product so they all share the knowledge and skills. The developed code and procedures are all maintained in the HPCE teams’ source code repository using the “git” product. All aspects of the systems configuration are automated including the installation of VMWare and the instantiation of guest virtual machines. Two types of virtualization technologies are used including the Linux Qemu/KVM in addition to VMWare. The product configures physical computers as well. Components are configured according to the STIGs automatically. Host based firewall configurations are applied automatically. Identity Management is configured with authorized roles and host based access control policies. This enables the system to be developed, tested and deployed into production using the same immutable configuration. (This is built-in security). This provides strong assurance of system configuration to the Configuration Control Board (CCB) and the auditors for security compliance. This technology is a keystone for the pending ATO for the MACE PL-3 system.  –  Submitted by Rich Richardson, Project Leader

Laura Hardin

Laura received kudos from one of our NASA customers: “I wanted to send a note to show Reggie’s and my appreciation for Laura’s support to not only the PFO but also the other organizations and activities she supports as well. She has really worked to drive actions to completion and goes above and beyond to help ensure that the office and our products are seen in the best light possible. She worked with industry partners to organize and facilitate the Marshall Partnerships Forum. We held our kickoff forum last month; it was very well received from MSFC senior leaders, our industry partners and we received great feedback from those in attendance. Laura also received high praise yesterday from Erin Muldoon during a senior leader meeting regarding her support of the AES Polaris solicitation/proposal response activity. Laura helped drive the coordination of the center inputs and developed the final package that Erin used to brief center leadership yesterday. These are just two examples of the outstanding activities Laura has driven home for the office. We would be in a world of hurt without her! Thank you, your team and Laura for the support to the PFO!” –  Submitted by Beth Horner

 Laura Hardin 

Laura received kudos from one of our NASA customers: “Just letting you know how critical Laura is to this current CFM/DARPA TIM. She volunteered to help us organize a Teams meeting with breakout rooms and on the fly is helping my customer make adjustments and figure out how to do something that no one thought of, which is turning out to be quite difficult. The Lockheed Martin team member from senior leadership there commented that Laura is “above and beyond” as she is working to make the necessary adjustments. I quite agree that she is going above and beyond in her support of this meeting and Teams for the office.”  Thank you for this great work in supporting your customers and team, Laura!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Brenda Polk 

From team lead Richard Hibbs: Brenda received a Jacobs Space Exploration Group (JSEG) Extra Miler Award for “demonstrating extraordinary team spirit and initiative by providing subject matter expert guidance and assistance to a team member who was struggling to complete an initial analysis task using unfamiliar software. Ms. Polk generously and selflessly provided her time over a 10-week period to assist the struggling team member while completing her assigned tasks on schedule. Ms. Polk’s conscientious effort and dedication to the propulsion thermal analysis team is exceptional.” Thank you for this excellent teamwork and mentoring effort, Brenda!

May 4, 2021

Lisa Towers and Nathan Benjamin 

On behalf of team lead Kenny Carter: Lisa and Nathan were awarded the Jacobs Space Exploration Group (JSEG) Extra Miler Award for recognition in meeting an aggressive ARTEMIS/MAESTRO Testing schedule for the Space Launch System Program despite their group being short-handed by two people. Great work, Lisa and Benjamin, thank you for stepping in to make sure that test campaign coverage isn’t lost! –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Kenny Frank 

Kenny has received kudos from one of our customers: “Dan Cross, one of our project managers who started this year said “From day one Mr. Frank has acted as a mentor. His professionalism and willingness to share knowledge is a benefit to everyone around him.  In addition to routine questions regarding Eglin specific processes Mr. Frank has set aside a block of his time each Friday to offer training, mentorship, and guidance to myself, Ms. Hansen, and Ms. Segretti. My current success and the positive working relationship I have with Qualis, and the 96th CS are due in large part to his efforts.”

Kenny Frank has continually provided support in support of the 96th Communications Squadron that goes beyond the call of duty as a project manager. He has been key to the hiring process for project managers and cable locators and has helped people in all the roles we have in the squadron to onboard. This has been of great direct benefit to the communications squadron by speeding up and improving the quality of our hiring and onboarding process, and indirect benefit to other customers by freeing me up to perform my other tasks. –  Submitted by Thomas Russ

April 21, 2021

Edward Ezell, Jordan Green, and Randy McGuire 

More kudos from our NASA and Blue Origin customers in the Component Development Area at MSFC! The Blue Origin hot fire test campaign has been in development since June 2020 and, after 65 tests ranging in time from a few minutes to over an hour, was completed this week. Edward assisted with the electrical build-up, calibration, checkouts, and data recording; Jordan helped with ordering equipment/material, scheduling, setup, and maintaining personnel safety; and Randy supported the machining and modifying of specialty equipment. The entire CDA team completed this work under COVID Stage 3 conditions which, according to their team lead, “was an almost super-human feat! There were many obstacles, but the team overcame them and we have happy NASA and Blue Origin test customers.” Congratulations to our all-star CDA crew: Edward, Jordan, and Randy! –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Kenneth Roebuck 

Ken’s work has been outstanding.  He is innovative and had the initiative to create tools to enhance communications throughout the division and keep the teams updated with the goings on in each military satellite communications programs, of which there are several.  His Branch Chief stated, “I’d like to give kudos to Kenneth for going above and beyond to support the space threat emulation programs in addition to his support on the Presidential National Voice Conference TCB (test concept brief) and the Advanced Communications Threat Test Suite (ACTTS) Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM).”  The ACTTS has applications across multiple satellite programs and will be used in conjunction with the Air to Ground Electronic Warfare System (AGEWS) platform for robust threat testing against satellite systems. Ken works lends his expertise to both these programs. –  Submitted by Jerry Gill

April 14, 2021

Earl Jackson 

Earl received kudos from one of our customers: “Mr. Jackson exhibited a high level of professionalism during his tenure with UHPO, I wanted to compliment him on a Job very well done. Mr. Jackson has created and edited thousands of graphics since being assigned to the position as a senior graphics illustrator, he has prioritized illustrations for programs to ensure programs with high priority are successful along with balancing a daily illustration work load. He has created processes for requesting updates and illustration creation to ensure the proper balance of time and has always met deadlines without fail. Mr. Jackson has met last minute challenges head-on. His expertise is sought out by his peers as a subject matter expert in his field. During the pandemic, he was instrumental in the successful publication of TM 1-1520-237-23&P, DMWR 1-2835-214, DMWR 1-2835-209, PCRs and MEOs for ARC -231, and more. He and his team have successfully completed over 1500 graphics during the pandemic without fail. His efforts have included redline changes, revisions, engineer changes, MWO efforts, DMWRS, and TM updates. His illustration accuracy has been crucial to soldiers in ensuring visual aids are available and compliment technical instruction, thus making the Soldiers job less cumbersome and allowing them to carry on with their missions. He takes the lead in distributing work load amongst other illustrators and has done exceptional work for UHPO team”. Earl performs his duties in an outstanding manner and is truly dedicated to ensure he provides only the best support to the Publications Division Chief, Utility Helicopter Project Office.  –  Submitted by Wes Wallin

Alejandro Moreno 

Alex received kudos from one of our customers: “Alex is an excellent fit for my team and his efforts have measurably increased the team’s daily throughput within our highly technical and challenging environment. His technical knowledge of Army Aviation Maintenance has been vital in reviewing all aircraft scheduled maintenance events and determine whether they are currently relevant in the sustainment of our family of aircraft. He is not only optimizing the current maintenance processes but more importantly he is a critical part of our team that is standardizing all UH60 technical manuals that will provide the maintainers in the field a more systematic approach to their daily maintenance mission. Additionally, his depth of knowledge has been an important factor in reviewing unscheduled maintenance events that will support early trend detection that will improve UH60 Fleet’s reliability, maintainability and availability for our Commanders in the field. Alex is a problem solver, great communicator and more importantly an indispensable part of my team”. Alex has been outstanding in his support of the Readiness & Fleet Management Division, UHPO. He has been relentless in his efforts to streamline the current UH60 scheduled inspection process which will reduce the daily maintenance burden on our maintainers in the field. He gives his best every day and is a valuable member of the R&FM Team. –  Submitted by Wes Wallin

Brian Smith 

Brian received kudos from the 353 CTS (Combat Training Squadron) leadership: “Brian Smith (Trigger) has singlehandedly taken Red Flag Alaska (RF-A) from an obscure air-centric exercise where US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) forces were an afterthought only achieving a few Joint Terminal Attack (JTAC) Desired Learning Objectives (DLOs) to the most requested exercise by Special Operations Forces (SOF) units SOCOM-wide for FY22. This is due to several things; RF-A being aligned w/ the current NDS (National Defense Strategy), and a supportive staff receptive to SOF integration, but most importantly, this is due to Trigger’s tireless commitment to educating himself, the RF-A staff, and participants on the benefits of, and requirement to integrate SOF to help solve Combat Air Force (CAF) tactical problems. He has helped RF-A become the only DoD exercise executing a peer/near-peer conflict that is actually looking to validate and refine SOF/CAF integration TTPs. Due to his credibility at SOCOM, Trigger was also able to mold the type of SOF units we get for each exercise, ensuring ground and air DLOs and capabilities are matched and maximized. Trigger is a great networker, spokesman, and tactician, and has benefitted every participant that trains at RF-A, flyers and ground forces alike”. Brian goes above and beyond, bringing a higher level of standards to the project. There isn’t words enough to express the appreciation for his hard work and dedication!  –  Submitted by Lee Heineken

James Bruce 

James received kudos from our NASA customer: “We have been working hard with Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) to streamline the process for approving special test equipment that Boeing brings on-site. The Interim Directive has been signed, giving EGS the authority to operate to this streamlined process. I’d like to thank James Bruce for helping push this effort over the goal line.” Great work, James! –  Submitted by Beth Horner

April 6, 2021

Cindy Seale 

Cindy is part of the Space Launch System Avionics Integration Test Team group which received the NASA Group Achievement Award for outstanding accomplishment in the planning and conduct of the Space Launch System Phase I Integrated Avionics testing program in the System Integration Laboratory. Congratulations, Cindy!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Dana Chandler 

Dana has received multiple kudos from NASA and JSEG customers for excellence in both the conducting and reporting of operational modal analysis techniques in support of both RUAG and SLS testing efforts. Great work, Dana!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Phillip Kromis 

Phillip received a JSEG Safety Star for providing assistance at the 2020 JSEG Holiday Event at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to a man in a wheelchair who was struggling to move his wheelchair up an incline. Phillip helped push the man until the path was level again. Thank you, Phillip, for lending a helping hand!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Daniel Teal 

Daniel received kudos from the NASA/MSFC OCIO for his accomplishments and progress made in support of the ET20 IT/OT Security Plan. Great work, Daniel!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

David Wilkie 

David has been part of the MSFC/ET group for many years and has supported many test campaigns. The successful second “Hot Fire” of the Space Launch System Core Stage RS-25 engines at Stennis Space Center on March 18th was a programmatic success, to which our customer said, “To get to this moment took a lot of hard work over the past several years from a lot of folks. I’d like to think they were able to lean on that stage a little bit harder today because of all of the testing this team conducted on the LOX and LH2 tanks including the impressive tests to failure. Everyone that has worked the various SLS-related test programs over the past 8 years should be extremely proud of the results today and look forward to seeing that bird on the pad at the Cape ready for launch later this year.” I wholeheartedly agree – congratulations David!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Mike Squillacote 

Mike received kudos from our NASA customer: “I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Squillacote deserves some kudos. I am needing to brush up on my Abaqus (FEM tool) for EV32 stress work and Mr. Squillacote has been a great help. Luckily everything has been minor with my issues but he still makes sure to go into detail about anything that could be related to the issue and the many things to check.” Thank you, Mike, for looking out for the NASA customers!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

March 23, 2021

Kevin Bowles 

Kevin has received kudos for one of our customers: “I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the significant contributions Kevin Bowles has made as a cyber analyst for our team recently. We had a complete turnover of our cyber team recently and Kevin has hit the ground running on the cyber way forward for our entire enterprise with very little direction. He’s figured out all the right touchpoints, is helping us establish a cyber strategy, and has spearheaded getting an AA planned that DOT&E has been asking about. The Buckley team really appreciates all his help.”  –  Submitted by Jerry Gill

Scott Marona and Ratana Meekham 

Scott and Ratana were part of the IXPE Space Telescope Flight Shells team which won the ESSCA December Outstanding Task Award. This is a monthly award that recognizes accomplishments on a task or sub-task which exceed requirements and/or customer expectations, had an impact on the space program, and that demonstrated clear initiative on the part of the employee(s). Congratulations Scott and Ratana!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Rachel Paden

Rachel received the JSEG October Edwin F. Connors Award for successfully using the ARAMIS high-speed camera system to collect data during testing of the Core Stage Auxiliary Power Unit (CAPU) and saving NASA an estimated $219,000. This award is a monthly award that recognizes outstanding specific contributions by an individual or team which improves the nature or quality of customer support and/or the efficiency with which such support is provided. Congratulations, Rachel!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Rachel Paden 

Rachel was part of the Commercial Crew Program SpaceX DM-2 Launch Team which won the JSEG Outstanding Task of the Year Award. This award is selected from the monthly Outstanding Task recipients in recognition of the most outstanding task that exceeds task requirements or customer expectations. These individual or team efforts clearly demonstrate initiative and have a direct impact on the space program. Rachel’s team provided key technical reviews of test data and critical design, development, and safety requirements verification. They expedited evaluation of DM-2 static fire test data 5 days prior to support senior management launch preparations. Congratulations, Rachel!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Johnny Bradford 

John Bradford served as database administrator from May-2020 to Feb-2021 for a complex software upgrade resulting in important improvements to the Test Process by increasing speed, security, and maintainability of 96 Test Wing’s Livelink Content Management System.  He contributed to the successful execution of a complex OpenText system upgrade to version 16.2 bringing mission enhancing capabilities for 1255 users in the 96TW, 412TW, and AETC customer base situated at over 100 locations worldwide. His technical expertise enabled success of server configuration, a key component of the successful upgrade. His knowledge was crucial to the configuration of multiple, complex Livelink servers. The Content Server software is housed on Proof of Concept, Staging, and Production servers which must be meticulously configured in exacting order by a team of experts in OpenText software, networking, database administration, servers, and operating systems. His database knowledge was vital in ensuring upgrade success as well as the integration of new companion tools. The Team Lead remarked, “John has been available and very responsive to all our needs.” During the actual upgrade execution, he went above and beyond to work the plan over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend to minimize user disruption and mission impact, and to ensure on-time completion. Following the successful upgrade, he worked to ensure that all technical issues were resolved and that users could successfully complete their all-important mission. –  Submitted by Tom Russ

Vickie Ritchson 

Vickie Ritchson served as a 96 TW/XPI tester from May-2020 until Feb-2021 for a complex software upgrade resulting in important improvements to the Test Process by increasing speed, security, and maintainability of 96 Test Wing’s Livelink Content Management System.   She contributed to the successful execution of a complex OpenText system upgrade to version 16.2 to bring new, mission enhancing capabilities for 1255 users in the 96TW, 412TW, and AETC customer base situated at over 100 locations worldwide. Ms. Ritchson leveraged her business and project management knowledge to focus on customer needs, ensuring functionality of Test Wing automated business processes in the new environment.  During the preparation phase, she completed 154 distinct test steps supporting 62 distinct workflows. Her work was lauded as “outstanding” by the Team Lead.  In addition, she served a key contributor to all new User Guide. During the actual upgrade, she went above and beyond to work the plan over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend to minimize user disruption and mission impact, and to ensure on-time completion. Following the successful upgrade, she performed follow-up verification testing to ensure that all features worked as intended. –  Submitted by Tom Russ

Sybare Foster and Marcus Paprzycki 

Sybare Foster and Marcus Paprzycki both support the UH-60V publication efforts at the Program Executive Office – Aviation, Utility Helicopter Project Office (UHPO) Redstone Arsenal, AL. Sybare is the Senior Technical Specialist V (STS V) for Avionics and Marcus is the STS V for Airframe. They supported the UH-60V through crucial development, testing, and Low Rate Initial Production phases and are poised to support fielding. Both acquired their aviation institutional knowledge by serving in the military and that foundation makes them indispensable to our teams’ success. They work effortlessly with the Warfighter, stakeholders, and other government agencies. Their expertise and attention to detail exceeds customer expectations and their efforts have been essential to the successful development of the UH-60V Maintenance Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (ITEM) and flight manuals. –  Submitted by Carla Largess

March 16, 2021

Maria McIntire

Maria McIntire has been integral in the function and day-to-day operations of the Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility (GWEF). She has developed valuable tools that allow the squadron to effectively manage licenses, inventories, hardware configurations, and process workflows. Up until now, there had been no robust databases & workflows capable of managing the large quantity and fluid nature of purchases, software, and ITE within the GWEF. The lack of proper tools often led to problems such as Report of Surveys (ROS), lapses in software support, lost equipment, and much more. Her attention to detail, with creative approaches to problems & processes, has made it possible to track all purchases in real-time; maintaining a cradle-to-grave documentation trail for all equipment & software; ensuring proper support is conducted for new, moving, transferred, and discarded ITE; ensuring continuity of software support and software installs; providing visibility of software and hardware configurations throughout the facility; providing & recording accountability/authorization workflows to force current DoD & Air Force regulations. In addition to this, Maria is always responsive when needed, her attitude is profoundly positive on every occasion, and her work ethic is beyond reproach and a testament to success.  –  Submitted by Matthew Ehrhardt

March 10, 2021

Jason Mann 

Jason Mann supports our Force Protection System contract at the Redstone Arsenal. Jason tests & evaluates a series of mobile towers and sensors that provide protection to our Forward Operating Bases. Jason has received kudos from one of our customers: “Jason Mann’s performance in driving the IGSSR-C Developmental Testing (DT) to completion has been exceptional. Jason has truly gone above and beyond in his level of support for the IGSSR-C program ensuring the IGSSR-C systems were powered up and functional each day to support the scheduled DT events. He was able to debug and get the system running despite repeated stability and inconsistency issues. He continually coordinated with Redstone Test Center to schedule testing while juggling two IGSSR-C systems for DT Environmental Testing and Functional Testing. During DT, Jason thoroughly documented all encountered issues and resolutions performed in his daily SITREP, which has allowed the IGSSR-C team to ultimately improve the system to support the Operational Assessment. Jason’s dedication to the IGSSR-C mission has been paramount to the success of the DT efforts.” Thank you for leading the charge in providing Exceptional support to the government customer Jason!  –  Submitted by Marc Peterson, VP of Strategic Programs

Randy McGuire 

Randy received the NASA Silver Achievement Medal “for exemplary dedication and skill in the manufacturing, design, and assembly of Additive Manufacturing Demonstrator Engine Turbopumps, Combustion Devices, Mixer, and Valves”. Congratulations, Randy! –  Submitted by Beth Horner

Jordan Green and Edward Ezell 

Jordan and Edward are part of the NEA Scout Propellant Loading Team that received a NASA Group Achievement Award “for dedication and exceptional technical expertise demonstrated in flight of the Near-Earth Asteroid Scout Reaction Control System Tank Propellant Loading”. Congratulations to Jordan and Edward! –  Submitted by Beth Horner

March 2, 2021

Charles Anglea, Andrea Simms, and Amber Harvey  

Charles Anglea, Andrea Simms, and Amber Harvey all received kudos from our customer. “I would like to recognize outstanding work by three TMAS employees. They all were instrumental to the rapid support and successful integration of critical hardware in TA203 during a compressed schedule. The hardware integration happened during the week of Feb 1 but their work started much earlier than that. Knowing the deadlines, they were able to get an ATO approved before the hardware arrived. Their knowledge of what, where, and how things need to be done allowed the core TA203 team to support the technical integration efforts with NO delays whatsoever in regards to cybersecurity. Their support enabled the completion of a major project milestone in less than half the expected timeframe. Their relentless drive and dedication to the mission resulted in exceptional results that were noticed by customers, vendors, and others external to this organization. I would like to recognize them for being exceptional employees and continuing to uphold the reputation of the GWEF and 782nd TS.”  –  Submitted by Matthew Ehrhardt

Dylan Krahulik 

Dylan has received kudos from ESSCA Team Lead Derek Simmer. “I wanted to pass along a huge kudos for Dylan Krahulik. We are preparing to transition the SITF-Q lab from the Core Stage 1 configuration to the Core Stage 2 configuration, and begin all the associated test campaigns for the EM2 launch. During our prep work, over the last couple months, Dylan has jumped in and written 15 hardware buildup TPSs for us. This was a huge help to the lab POC and myself, as we were able to work on other associated paperwork associated with the modifications. Along with helping out writing these TPSs, he has been very flexible recently with coming onsite to support the SIL Validation testing. This testing has a lot of configuration changes along the way; some of them happening in off-nominal work hours. Even with coming onboard during the COVID telework time, he quickly picked up on the IATF way of doing things, and has built a lot of trust with the team, and Quality Assurance. If I need something done, I know I can count on Dylan! Dylan is a great team member; willing to help out in any way he can.” I echo Derek’s kudos; great work, Dylan!  –  Submitted by Beth Horner

February 17, 2021

Diane Chu 

Diane continues to exceed expectations and is an essential team member. Numerous times the project lead has requested information or insight to situations and she has provided/shown great knowledge, experience, resilience, and critical thinking solutions. I’m grateful of the fact that she has the power to rise above any situation and deliver the best results no matter the circumstances. Her hard work and dedication goes above and beyond, multiple times she has taken it upon herself to assist or head up areas outside her job title. Her quality of work never diminishes despite all the contract changes, employee turn overs and other financial concerns. It’s an honor to work with an outstanding teammate like Diane, she has always influenced me to become a better person and team member.  – Submitted by Lee Heineken

February 10, 2021

Edward Ezell 

Edward received kudos from our NASA customer: “I wanted to inform everyone that we have completed the Lunar Flashlight proof and burst testing. I have confirmed with the customer that all testing is complete and they are very pleased with all test data. Edward Ezell did a standup job during build-up and testing. Great work as always!” This multi-month testing effort involved many tanks, blocks, and manifolds. Well done, Edward! – Submitted by Beth Horner

James Bruce 

James is part of the Artemis I Core Stage Ground Equipment Support Team. His team recently received a NASA Group Achievement Honor Award “For exceptional team performance in the requirements development, verification, testing, and operation of the Space Launch System Core Stage Ground Support Equipment.” Congratulations James, well done! – Submitted by Beth Horner