It’s Fall Y’all!

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It’s Fall Y’all!

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It’s Fall Y’all!   Time for Bonfires, Sweaters, Football, and the Holidays!  During this time, it is likely that most of us will hit the highways or skyways to visit family and friends.    It is also a very busy time for business travel, and as always, your health and safety is top priority.   Please remember the following guidelines for travel whether personal or business as we are still experiencing high numbers of Covid cases at home and abroad.

Please consider getting vaccinated if you haven’t already.

Mask up!  Protect not only yourself but others who may be immunocompromised/increased risk.

Maintain safe distance between you and others.

Wash your hands often, and when you can’t, sanitize.

When flying, check with the airline for specific guidelines you may need to follow.

Review the CDC guidelines for updates particularly for the areas you plan to travel.

We are ‘falling” right through 2021 into 2022, and we want everyone healthy, safe and ready to make 2022 an amazing year!

Marilee Foreman
Qualis Travel Coordinator