Qualis Director of Contracts Speaking at NCMA World Congress


Qualis Director of Contracts Speaking at NCMA World Congress

Huntsville, AL – Doyle McBride, Director of Contracts for Qualis Corporation, will speak at the National Contract Management Association’s (NCMA) World Congress in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 16. McBride’s presentation will describe the impact of the June 2007 small business recertification rule changes. The presentation will discuss the reasons the rule changes were made, the comments from government and industry concerning the proposed changes, and the impacts the changes have made to date. McBride’s presentation will also appear as an article in a new electronic magazine NCMA plans to publish later this year.

NCMA is a membership-based, professional society for contract management professionals with over 18,000 members. The NCMA World Congress is an annual meeting of contract management professionals from across the country. The Congress features high-profile panelists and speakers, various high-quality educational programs, and networking opportunities. The theme of the Congress this year is “Ensuring Trust in the Acquisition Process Through People, Teams, and Tools.”

McBride has been a member of NCMA for 15 years and currently serves as President of the Huntsville, Alabama chapter. He has served as Qualis’ Director of Contracts since 2006.

Qualis Corporation, founded in 1993, is a woman-owned small business that employs more than 330 people and has 15 years of proven performance on more than 60 contracts supporting the US Army, US Air Force, NASA, major primes, and commercial customers. Qualis’ skilled, diverse workforce has expertise spanning multiple disciplines including engineering analysis; systems engineering; logistics support; design, development, fabrication, and assembly; structural, thermal, and materials systems analysis; materials research and testing; environmental testing; maintenance and facility operations; and program support. Qualis also ranked number 1967 on the first-ever Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

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